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School of Business, Entrepreneurship, Service & Technology

Manual Arts High School School of Business


Manual Arts High School students in the School of Business will learn entrepreneurial skills to become ethical leaders who will graduate and be able to successfully navigate the ever-changing local and global marketplace.



The Manual Arts School of Business students will participate in thematic, interdisciplinary project-based learning, and collaborative partnerships that will develop skills in communication, leadership, and interpersonal relationships to be competitive in career and college pathways.




  • Have high expectations

  • Pay attention to details – Simplify and Focus

  • Take pride in your work

  • Produce purposeful work that is edited and revised



  • Be prepared, make a plan, meet deadlines

  • Lead by example, take responsibility

  • Advocate for self

  • Hold self and others to their word



  • Be able to listen to understand with empathy and respect

  • Literate in academic and workplace language

  • Modify speech based on audience (verbally and nonverbally)

  • Demonstrate teamwork and collaboration


Contact Mercy Ajuonu  Mercy Ajuonu Teacher
Contact Carmen Ayala  Carmen Ayala Teacher
Contact Jactel Cabrera  Jactel Cabrera Teacher
Contact Kenneth Capers  Kenneth Capers Teacher
Contact Sterling Cross  Sterling Cross Teacher
Contact Gloria Espinoza  Gloria Espinoza Teacher
Contact Juan Espinoza  Juan Espinoza Teacher
Contact Marvin Garcia  Marvin Garcia Teacher
Contact Ricardo Garcia  Ricardo Garcia Teacher
Contact Aham Nwosu  Aham Nwosu Staff
Contact Will Safotu  Will Safotu Staff
Contact Angelino Simbulan  Angelino Simbulan Teacher
Contact Abey Tefera  Abey Tefera Teacher
Contact Tuan Tran  Tuan Tran Teacher
Contact Romeo Vera  Romeo Vera Teacher